The Watch Observatory was started by a group of watch enthusiasts who wished to create a place where others can enjoy and share their passion for all things horological. Every single founder is dedicated to ensuring this place adheres to the core values listed below.

TWO is a community of independent watch collectors who, through their independent blogs, want to share with others their perspective on certain topics. These are well-seasoned collectors, filled with knowledge about the topic they are writing about. Each blogger is purely interest-driven, drawing from their own collections and connections in the industry to provide interesting and fun reviews, news and thoughts.

TWO was started with these fundamental values and ideas:

  1. Absolutely non profit. If somehow, someway, this does occur, all proceeds are donated to charity.
  2. Zero tolerance for any racist, bigoted, or otherwise offensive behavior. Members are expected to conduct themselves thusly.
  3. Diferences in tastes, likes, preferences, values, religion, location, etc., all drive our thoughts. But we must not let these differences manifest themselves as offensive, bullying or otherwise improper conduct.
  4. Give criticism, and receive criticism as a respectful and respectable adult.
  5. Ensure all members feel welcome.
  6. All opinions are valid, as long as they stick to the main point of the site and do not cross into #2 above.
  7. Have fun. Enjoy the photos and discussions. Organize Get Togethers (GTGs).