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The Playtona Day

By 3rd June 2019 13 Comments

IMG_8713I have decided to try out the platinum Daytona, aka the Playtona for the day. 300 grams of pure heft and bling, this is no ordinary watch. The piece, reference 116506, was launched for the 50th Anniversary of the Cosmograph back in 2013. It is pure ‘bling’, this one. The platinum everything is very eye catching, especially in the sun, and you can feel and see people’s eyes being drawn to it. And that is just not my style, I prefer more low-key watches.


I am not a big fan of Daytona. Mainly, I do not like the screw down pushers. Since I happen to use the chronograph function a lot, it bothers me to keep unscrewing the pushers. On the other hand, I won’t leave them unscrewed, as some OCD part of me is terrified of getting water damage from this.

The other thing I am not a big fan of on this piece is the color scheme. Some like the baby blue dial with a brown bezel, but it does not work for me. Besides, I was told by a very stylish person that you’re never supposed to wear brown shoes with a blue suit.


I guess it is therefore better that the wife likes it more than I do and borrows it sometimes. But not since she got this Day Date, she doesn’t take it off. I’ll stick to safe keeping this one for the future generations (or the wife, whoever kills me first).

What do you think?



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