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Watch spotting? Is that your game?

By 22nd May 2019 12 Comments

I find myself always looking at other peoples wrists…
Many times I recognise the watch before I recognise the face the watch belongs to…

Also I find myself trying to identify watches, even if I just caught a glimpse of what was on the other persons wrist.

You may call it “watch spotting”!

Do you play? How much of a watch do you need to see to recognise which model it is?

I will give an easy example… I am sure you can tell…

What brand, which model, what year…?

And of course you may make the game as complicated or simple as you like.

What brand, which model, what year…?
For how long has the wearer had the watch…?
Is it a fellow collector or a “one watch guy”…?


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