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What do I want from a beater?

By 12th May 2019 May 13th, 2019 4 Comments

First things first….. I am going to be wearing a beater a lot of the time. There is no point in having a beater on my wrist that is boring. It needs to be able to take the occasional hit, but it can’t be boring if I have to look at it a lot of the time.

It has to be able to take a hit! I can’t be doing with worrying about a beater if I am doing something that might ding it. Going through an airport. Doing some gardening. In a swimming pool. My beater needs to fulfil all these roles without causing me any worry. That rules out many watches. That rules out Chronographs for me. Perpetual calendars are out. In….. time only.

But isn’t time only a bit boring?

Well that depends.

The Batman is an ideal “beater”

No question at all that the GMT Batman is a good beater. But there are many possibles in this list. For me, I want to go a little bit vintage but not so much as to make the watch too precious. Reliability is another must-have feature for my “beater”.

The 14060M – the “LGF”

Yes….. the “LGF” certainly ticks a lot of boxes on this front. For me, it is close to the perfect beater.

What is your perfect beater?


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